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Android compatibile:OS 2.2+, 400x800 screen resolution
Apple iOS devices:iPhone / iPad / iPod; iOS 3.2
Games:Sit & Go tournaments or cash; Texas Hold'em or Omaha

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The world’s biggest online poker site now also has the best mobile poker network. It has one poker app for Android tablets and phones plus another for devices using the iOS platform.

This is currently the only mobile poker network with an app offering Texas Hold’em tournaments for smartphone owners.

Whatever you think of the Pokerstars network, its rakeback deal, its (in)famous ‘pokerbots’ and all the other rumours that abound, the fact remains that it offers the biggest pool of real money poker players out there, which you can now play against while on the move, wherever you may be.

A fuller review of the Pokerstars app will follow shortly. For now this looks to be the best poker app for iPhones and it looks pretty good when compare to the other Android poker apps out there also.


To get your mobile poker deposit bonus you will need the STARS600 Pokerstars bonus code. This entitiles you to a maximum bonus of $600 (£390), which will be awarded in increments of $10 as you play.

The poker play through requirement is roughly 3 x the bonus: you will get a $10 bonus for (approximately) every $31 you spend in rake. The way this works is that you get VIP Player Points (VPPs) each time you play a game at a rate of about 55 points for every $10 you contribute to the rake, and you receive your $10 bonus once you’ve earned 170 points.


You’d expect the world’s biggest poker operator to be able to pack more features into their tables than anyone else and they rarely disappoint. Although they may not always be the first to do so. This poker giant does not move as quickly as its competitors but, as with its poker app, what it does it does well.

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