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Poker is a game that it’s worth spending some time getting to learn for the very simple reason that you will lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re phone provides you with the latest opportunity to get some practice in before the big games by way of the rapidly increasing range of poker strategy apps available for both iPhone and Android handsets.

Top 6 Mobile Poker Strategy Tools

Poker strategy apps are usually available for either Android or iOS operating systems but rarely both. Not a big issue unless you’re thinking of changing phones. Our top six are aimed at pro players, although beginners will also find them useful.

  1. Poker Cruncher – the only strategy app available on Android, iPhone and iPad
    The Poker Cruncher apps are renowned for being the most professional available. This is your single best chance of becoming a better poker player without losing money. More info on official site.
  2. Heads Up Poker Trainer for iPhone – iPhone (£1.49)
    As its name suggests this will only really prepare you for heads up ring games but its built-in quiz means it’s a lot more fun than most of the apps out there.
  3. Poker Odds Calculator – Android only (Free)
    You specify the hands (or part of them) the app tells you your odds of winning. Pro version costs £2 and has no advertisements.
  4. Poker Equity Calculator – Android (Free)
    Don’t let the words ‘monte-carlo simulation’ put you off. This just tells you that the developer knows what he’s doing. No-adverts ‘pro version’ costs just under £2.
  5. ShuffleBot – Android (Free)
    Another odds calculator app but a bit less exciting than its cousin at number 3.

Beginners and intermediate players will also find poker Android apps like Texas Holdem Poker Hands, Texas Hold’em Flash Cards… useful. The Poker Hands app goes a bit beyond the standard list to provide advice on position play and some other strategy tips while the Flash Cards app makes learning the odds a bit more fun than the average mobile poker application – at least the developers tried to make it slightly entertaining. However, pro players will quickly find both somewhat predictable.

Alternative Poker Learning Apps

Another way to learn how to play poker for money is to play against a computer. Many online casinos now have mobile video poker apps such as Jacks or Better. Here are a few of the best:

  • mFortune – Mobile Poker
    mFortune’s Hi-Lo poker app is played through your phone’s web browser. It has a demo mode as well as a real money game that you can fund through your phone bill if you choose to.
  • Go Wild – Jacks or Better
    Choose from two mobile video poker apps at Go Wild – old favourite Jacks or Better or 3 Card Poker. Go Wild Casino also has a wide range of other Microgaming powered mobile casino apps.
  • All Slots – iPad, iPhone and Android Jacks or Better
    All Slots mobile casino is really well organised with apps to download for all the major phones and operating systems.

On the plus side you might win (or lose) a few quid, so you are learning in a more ‘real’ situation. However, unless you are strict with yourself about reviewing which hands you’ve played, what happened and why your strategy may not improve as much as you’d like. More information on video poker apps for mobile phones to follow.