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Also known as poker timers, these apps are designed to make your home poker games appear more professional than they really are. A poker tournament clock app won’t stop your friend’s girlfriend from bluffing all-in with 2-7 off suit but at least you won’t forget when to increase the blinds!

Key Tournament Timer Features

The sort of features to look out for are:

  • Option to save settings so that you don’t have to enter your blinds structure every time
  • Pay-in entry so that you can calculate pay outs easily
  • Ability to manage multi-table home tournaments

Of course you may not need to do all of these.

Top 5 Poker Clock Apps

Our top five poker game timers are either available from the App Store or Google Play. They all do exactly what they say on the tin and the best do a little bit more besides.

  1. PokerStars – only available on the iPhone
    The free PokerStars clock lives up to its reviews and is a great option as long as you don’t plan to hold tournaments with complicated blinds and multiple tables. Simple, easy to use and you can save your settings for the next time round.
  2. bwin – also iPhone only
    Not such a hit with players as the PokerStars app but still free and still works provided you don’t try to ask it to do anything too complicated.
  3. Birdsoft’s PokerTimer – iPhone only free app available through the App Store.
    There’s a lot to be said for a completely unbranded option. Birdsoft’s app is simplicity itself while at the same time managing to incorporate all the blinds options you could ever want. It’s compatible with iOS 2.2 up to version 5.
  4. Texas Holdem Poker Timer – iPhone only, cost: $2. Click here to download.
    The most comprehensive of all the iPhone poker clock apps. You get what you pay for and this timer is fully justifies it’s tiny two dollar price tag with completely customisable blinds, pay out calculator and sound settings too. It’s much more than just a timer app.
  5. Ultimate Holdem Timer – Android app available through Google Play
    While there seem to be more iPhone poker timers than there are clocks in Switzerland, Android versions are somewhat harder to come by. This is by far the most popular Android poker clock.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ladbrokes, 888 and other mobile poker operators launch poker tournament timers for mobile phones soon. They are great way for the big sites to attract players to the mobile platform, provided their products look good and get the job done. Compare the best poker apps here.