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3D Poker

Go to PKR.com and you will see a number of messages promising players a revolutionary experience. It is an act of ‘stating the obvious’ to point out that the site is putting a lot of pressure on itself, but, nevertheless, it needs to be said. On balance, the site lives up to the majority of its bravado.

3D Avatar Development

Register with the site and download the software before completing the sign-up process. Following these steps, you then get to create a 3D avatar with PKR Poker. The reason why you need a 3D avatar is because the site included avatars from registered players in all of its games, helping to add some personality to the experience.

There are a lot of things that you can change with your avatar, including hair, face, body, clothes, accessories, traits and voice. Further extras can be unlocked through generating PKR Points and then by paying for them in the PKR Shop. These could include new outfits or even a slick pair of shades. The use of avatars does serve to make PKR3DPoker feel more sociable, but at times it can feel a little distracting from the main action.

poker mobile

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Welcome Bonuses

You have the option to make your avatar before depositing and claiming one of the three welcome bonuses. The simplest of the bonuses is to earn one PKR point in exchange for a $5 bonus, but first you need to deposit $10. Deposit $25 and above and you will be in the 100% welcome bonus range. Next up is to deposit $150 or above to receive the 125% welcome bonus. The bonuses are naturally appealing, but don’t forget that you only have 60 days to unlock them. This is a bit disappointing when you see other online poker sites with 90-day day periods.

Mobile Compatibility

There is a mobile poker app for PKR 3D located in the App Store. Apple users of iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and above can download and play the app. It only works on the more recent Apple devices because of the demands associated with running a mobile poker app in 3D. Included in the mobile app are Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Texas Hold’em.


With PKR3D, there are tonnes of terrific poker tournaments to enter. Freerolls are available for entering tourneys on the cheap, then there are satellites for the special and tournaments and also you have guaranteed tournaments. The guaranteed tourneys are highly lucrative because PKR3DPoker dishes out tens of thousands in prize money every single week.